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Battisford Community Shop in the Village Hall

Tuesday 19th May will be the last day of trading for the pop-up shop. The last emergency food parcels will also be sent out tomorrow. Whilst we had initially intended to run the project for 12 weeks, we appreciate that our Village Hall must also continue to provide its full array of other vital services and our pre-school children are anticipating an imminent return to normality. We also note that the service infrastructure from surrounding towns has now managed to catch up with rural demand. Therefore, many more of you are now receiving regular supermarket food deliveries. We are happy to have been able to provide the service for 9 weeks We would like to thank those of you who supported the project, including James and Erika at The Green Barn and Liam Cracknell, who sourced all of the wonderful fruit and veg! It was an absolute pleasure to serve you all and we hope you felt safer and more supported in the community as a result of the parish councils response. If as a resident you feel that you still require additional support, please do not hesitate to use the Battisford Assist email or telephone number to make contact with us. We are of course still committed to helping those in need, at this difficult time. We hope you are all able to continue to stay safe and well whilst we navigate our way out of the lockdown! Kind Regards, Nicola Cleaver

Battisford Parish Councillors Nicky Cleaver and Paul Lambotte combined forces with local volunteers to set up a food bank and delivery service for elderly residents and vulnerable residents who are self-isolating.  As well as the elderly, the Parish Council has been contacted by families who have seen their income disappear asking for help to feed their children. An account  was set up with Bid Food/Bid Fest, a wholesaler, where the shop is able to buy in bulk tinned goods, dried goods and toiletries, as well as source fresh fruit, vegetables and meats from local suppliers. The project was set up to run from early March to mid May, to see Battisford over the general lockdown. 

Large supermarkets are a considerable drive away from the village, and the volunteer team, led by Nicky Cleaver, realised the potential of being able to help more families not only in Battisford, but in other surrounding areas too,  so with the help of specific COVID19 funding, the group has set up a pop-up (non profit making) farm shop where over 300 families have been able to access food supplies. 

Cllr Cleaver said

“This pandemic is unprecedented.  Despite the many day to day positives experienced by those of us living in rural villages, the logistical pitfalls of living this way have never been more evident, especially for the elderly, the vulnerable and the sick.  Grants from The Suffolk Community Foundation, Tesco and Mid Suffolk District Council have allowed us to provide a lifeline in a very real and material way for those most vulnerable in society during these troubling times”

Comments from residents:

"It is just lovely to chat, I'm on my own a lot."  
"I think you're doing a great job, it gives the Parish Council a whole new meaning."


Meetings of the Parish Council during the COVID-19 Emergency

The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) came in to force on 4 April. Broadly speaking, the 2020 Regulations enable local councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing) for a specified period until May next year. They also remove the requirement to hold an annual meeting. The 2020 Regulations apply to local council meetings, committee and sub-committee meetings in England. Separate legislation is anticipated for Wales.

The COVID-19/ Coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented in peacetime Government measures in response to the crisis (e.g. prohibitions on gatherings, social distancing, self-isolation and shielding of those deemed to be the most vulnerable) have meant that the requirement for local authorities to hold public meetings in person with all members present in one place cannot be met. The statutory requirements for meetings are mainly contained in the Local Government Act 1972 (“the 1972 Act”) and the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (“the 1960 Act”).

In recognition of the problem of holding and attending meetings, and further to the lobbying of the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and others, the Government included s.78 in the Coronavirus Act 2020. This section gave the Secretary of State the power to make Regulations to make provisions for the holding of meetings. The 2020 Regulations set out those provisions.

Regulation 5 – this permits the holding of remote meetings. The effect of the Regulation is that persons attending a local council meeting do not need to be in the same place. “Place” means more than one place including electronic, digital or virtual locations such as internet locations, web addresses or conference call telephone numbers (Regulation 5 (1)). To attend a meeting remotely a member in remote attendance must meet specified conditions (see below).

Regulation 5 (6) also enables local councils to make standing orders to specify (i) how voting will be carried out, (ii) how members and the public can access documents and (iii) how remote access of the press and public by electronic means will take place.

Regulation 6 – confirms that being present at a local council meeting includes being present through remote attendance. The Regulation also disapplies paragraph 7 of Schedule 12 to the 1972 Act.

Regulation 13 – s.1 (4) (a) of the 1960 Act has been amended so that public notice of the time and place of the meeting is deemed to be given if published on the relevant principal authority’s website. The Parish Council is aware of NALC's advice that a council’s decision making is unlikely to be challenged if it only places the notice on its own website and in light of the government's social distancing guidelines, agendas will only be posted on this website.

The Parish Council will therefore be conducting its meetings virtually through remote attendance using the Zoom platform. Details of the meetings to take place along with information as to how to gain access to the meetings will be placed under page entitled "Agendas and Minutes" on this website. 

The Parish Council meeting scheduled for May 19th, 2020 will be held by electronic means. Members of the public can email the clerk should they wish to take part under public participation.

Clerks email address: clerk@battisfordpc.org.uk

Advice and support for free from Citizens Advice.  We are a local charity and have a dedicated team of 
Advisers who can help over the phone or via
email. Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk can give advice on problems at work, help people struggling to pay their bills
and work out if people are getting
all the financial help they are entitled to. They are a local charity and their advice is free. They are open Monday - Thursday 9.30am - 3.30pm and Friday 9.30am - 12.30pm.
People can call them on 01449 676060 or contact
them via their website:

If you have any questions please let us know. We are keen to do everything we can to support people in our community during the coronavirus crisis. Kind Regards, Carol Carol Eagles Manager Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk 5 Milton Road South, Stowmarket, Suffolk. IP14 1EZ Tel: 01449 742473 Working days: Monday to Thursday

Home, but not alone

We are urged to rally together as local COVID-19 app is launched to connect volunteers and people who need help.



A new Suffolk-focused community service has been set up to support people who need help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Called ‘Home But Not Alone’, the service has been launched to help connect people who want to volunteer in their communities with neighbours who are most in need.

The service will mean willing volunteers, charities, town and parish councils, community and religious groups can all log their details and offers of support on an app, while people who need help can phone to request support.

As the number of offers and requests grows, they will be matched so that the right help can be given where it’s most needed. This support could include delivering groceries, medication or essential household goods, in line with Government social distancing guidelines.

Download the free app, called Tribe Volunteer from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The telephone number for those in genuine need of help is freephone 0800 876 6926 and will be staffed from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week.

The Home, But Not Alone service was created by partners from Suffolk’s councils, police, health bodies and charitable organisations which come together as the Collaborative Communities Board.

Chrissie Geeson, the board chair, said:

“In these challenging times, it has been incredibly heartening to have so many people volunteer to help others. In villages and towns across Suffolk, people have taken it upon themselves to mobilise a small army of volunteers to do what they can for people in need.

“The support service will encompass this work but will bring structure and routine to these offers of help. This is just the start of this new service, so we expect the number of offers and requests to grow. People who want to help, or need help, should let us know and we will do the rest.

"It is testament to the hard work of all Suffolk organisations and sectors that we are able to offer this invaluable help.”

The telephone line is not a general information line for COVID-19 queries, but those in need can seek information on support with care needs, loneliness and to connect with community support.

This is a new service and will adapted to demand over the coming weeks. People are still being urged to check GOV.UK for the latest guidance on a wide range of issues and changes caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.


Battisford Parish Councillors are running a pop up shop in Battisford it is at 

The Village Hall. Tuesdays and Saturdays 12-2pm. Advance orders preferred. The shop is well stocked, from fresh fruit and veg to toilet roll!

Cards please!





Community Emergency


Battisford Parish Council wants to make sure we are caring for vulnerable people within the community, especially those who might need help in a time of emergency. Given COVID 19, this now appears to be more relevant than ever before. If you feel vulnerable and might need more support, please click on the form above, complete page 1 and return to any Parish Councillor, or email to battisfordvillageassist@gmail.com or telephone 01449 616694


The Council would like to identify people who would be prepared, and able, to assist in such an emergency situation. If you can help, then please complete page 2 of the form. All information collected will be held in strictest confidence

Nicky Glading, Proper Officer (Clerk) email: clerk@battisfordpc.org.uk

 Tel: 01842 337488

Nicola Cleaver, Chairman email: nicolacleaver@icloud.com

Tel: 01449 678064


Store opening times



Battisford is one of 122 parishes in the county of Suffolk in the district of Mid Suffolk.   It is located 4 miles south of the market town of Stowmarket and about 2 miles west of Needham Market. The area is mainly agricultural and the village itself boasts a play area, community centre, pub and two churches.   In the 2001 census there were 180 households in Battisford with 482 residents.

" A traditional, friendly unspoilt village" and " a safe and peaceful country environment"


Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk will be providing advice via a phone and email service
until further notice.  We have taken this decision to comply with government
guidance about reducing social contacts to delay the spread of the novel
Our staff and volunteers have extensive experience of providing advice over the
phone and via email.  Normally 43% of our client contacts are by telephone and 18%
are by email.
We are encouraging members of the public to call us or to contact us via our website
if they need advice.  We will continue to provide advice for as long as possible. 
We do not want people to delay seeking advice for their problems because they are
not aware they can get advice from us.  Our dedicated volunteers and staff are
continuing to provide an excellent service in these difficult circumstances.
Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk's contact details are:
Telephone 01449 676060 or 01449 676280
There is a contact form on our website
Email advice@midsuffolkcab.org.uk<mailto:advice@midsuffolkcab.org.uk>

Citizens Advice have been there for people in their time of need since we were
established on the second day of World War Two.  We will continue to do our utmost
to ensure that anyone who needs help to find a way forward receives that help.