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New clerk for Battisford

Our new clerk is

Teresa Davis

69 Gardeners Rd
IP14 6RX

Tel: 07719208444

Quiet Lane initiative

To the Occupier  23 August 2021

Dear Sir/Madam

Notice of proposal to designate specific roads as Quiet Lanes

Following a public consultation, Battisford Parish Council support Suffolk County
Council’s proposals to designate certain roads as Quiet Lanes. Maps of the proposed
Quiet Lanes can be viewed on your Parish Council website and the public Notice of
Proposals to Designate page accessible from 
the Quiet Lanes initiative team at
http://www.quietlanessuffolk.co.uk These types of lanes do not impose any traffic restrictions but seek to inform road users of the presence of walkers, cyclists, equestrians or other non-motorised users on the road, and encourage them to show respect for these more vulnerable road users. Under The Quiet Lanes and Home Zones (England) Regulations 2006, we are required to send you a copy of the Notice, on behalf of Suffolk County Council and would welcome written representations to Suffolk County Council. Email representations to George.Firth@suffolk.gov.uk<mailto:George.Firth@suffolk.gov.uk> or by post to Disputes, Education & Employment Team, Constantine House, 5 Constantine Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DH. These should be received by the end of 13 September 2021 All representations received by the Parish Council will be passed to Suffolk County Council for their consideration. You should be aware that any written representation will be publicly available for inspection. Yours faithfully Nicola Glading Battisford Parish Clerk Lanes being nominated for this Parish – Route number: Lane(s) C444: Church Road + U4518: Burnt House Lane (full details are available from www.QuietLanesSuffolk.co.uk<http://www.quietlanessuffolk.co.uk> and SCC as given below): SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL The Quiet Lanes and Home Zones (England) Regulations 2006 NOTICE OF PROPOSALS TO DESIGNATE CERTAIN ROADS AS QUIET LANES Suffolk County Council intends to designate the roads shown in the schedule below as Quiet Lanes as part of a county wide Quiet Lanes Suffolk project. Quiet Lanes are designated as appropriate for shared use by walkers, horse riders, cyclists and other vehicle users, and are intended to enable users to enjoy country lanes in greater safety and encourage drivers to respect more vulnerable road users. Advisory signs are placed at each end of Quiet Lanes. Full details of the extent of the roads affected, maps showing the lengths of road affected, and the Council’s reasons for these designations, can be viewed online at www.QuietLanesSuffolk.co.uk<http://www.quietlanessuffolk.co.uk>, provided via email following a request to George.Firth@suffolk.gov.uk<mailto:George.Firth@suffolk.gov.uk>, or in person by prior appointment at: Constantine House office, 5 Constantine Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DH. Appointments are to be made via the email address above. Anyone who wishes to make representations about this proposal should do so in writing by the end of 13 September 2021. Email representations should be sent to George.Firth@suffolk.gov.uk<mailto:George.Firth@suffolk.gov.uk> or by post to George Firth, Disputes, Education & Employment Team, Constantine House, 5 Constantine Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DH. Please note that any written representation will be publicly available for inspection. Signed: David Chenery Date: 23 August 2021 Safety and Speed Management Engineer, Growth, Highways and Infrastructure, Suffolk County Council, Phoenix House, Ipswich, IP1 5NP Battisford PARISH SCHEDULE C444: Church Road + U4518: Burnt House Lane 

June 2021 Battisford-Q-L-map.docx  

 Battisford Parish Council is exploring the opportunities to designate certain rural lanes in the village as “Quiet Lanes” as part of a county wide project.

 Quiet Lanes are a nationally recognised designation and are intended for shared use by walkers, horse riders, cyclists and other road users. They encourage drivers to ‘Expect and Respect’ more vulnerable road users and so allow non-motorised users to enjoy rural lanes in greater safety.

 These types of lanes do not impose traffic restrictions and are not enforced. Advisory signs (like the one below) are placed at either end of Quiet Lanes to show motorised users clearly that the road is a shared space.

We feel that this would be of real benefit to the village and those who visit. The lanes being considered are already used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders and link with existing footpaths and bridleways in the village.

We have identified, in conjunction with Suffolk County Council (Highways), Church Road and Burnt house lane as being suitable for designation – see lanes marked in red on the map below.  A small portion of Burnt house lane is in Combs and we are liaising with their parish council to decide where the quiet lane will end.


With the current limited nature of parish council public meetings this letter seeks to inform you as the first stage of a public consultation process.  For more information on this project see www.quietlanessuffolk.co.uk

If you wish to make any comments about these proposals at this initial stage, we would welcome these by either email to the clerk@battisfordpc.org.uk  or by post to Battisford Parish Council, c/o Field Cottage, Straight Rd., Battisford. Stowmarket  IP14  2HP

As part of the formal public consultation process there will be a Parish public meeting at the village hall on 27/07/21 at 7pm to discuss these proposals. As a result of covid, numbers in the hall will be limited so please notify the parish council if you wish to attend.  Please wear a mask and remember to keep a safe distance from others.

 This project is being funded by the Suffolk County Council Suffolk 2020 Fund and the East Suffolk Community Partnerships and Greenprint Forum

For more information on this project see www.quietlanessuffolk.co.uk

Battisford Parish Council

 Speed Indicator Device (SID) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras

June 2021


Battisford Parish Council uses our Speed Indicator Device at four parish locations to indicate to motorists their speed in an attempt to reduce incidences of vehicle speeding in 30mph zones.

Data is routinely analysed and reported at parish council meetings.

Despite the speed reduction effect of the SID, over 30% of recorded vehicle movements remain in excess of the 30mph limit, with utterly inappropriate speeds of 65-75mph seen at some locations.

Suffolk Roadsafe Partnership offer the opportunity for local councils to apply for the temporary siting of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras where there is an agreed need.

The Roadsafe Partnership’s intention is to educate motorists, not to prosecute, However, repeat offences will be reported to Suffolk Police. Detail of the scheme can be found at https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/council-news/show/automatic-number-plate-recognition-cameras-to-be-installed-in-villages-across-suffolk

Battisford PC intends to make such applications to supplement our SID. To do so requires the support of our County Councillor and residents.

Cllr Kay Oakes has kindly already pledged to support our application. We request that residents of Battisford parish also confirm their support. If you wish to do so, please email clerk@battisfordpc.org.uk, stating your agreement, your name and address.

You may alternatively complete the template letter available at http://www.battisfordpc.org.uk/battisford-parish-council  and email to clerk@battisfordpc.org.uk.

You can also print the letter, complete with your name and address, and hand to any parish councillor.

All personal data will be processed and held in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (Data Protection Act 2018).

Responses would be welcome by 31 July 2021.

 Thank you in anticipation.   

Battisford Parish Council

Template letter


To;                  The Parish Clerk

                        Battisford Parish Council


  Subject;          Battisford Parish Council application for Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera (ANPR)

 Dear Parish Clerk

 I wish to confirm my/our support for the Parish Council to apply to the Suffolk Roadsafe Partnership for temporary siting of ANPR cameras in our parish.




Suffolk Police update 

We’ve been contacted by the Police team at Bury with regards to the current chalk markings etc, and have been asked to relay the following information. The police are taking this very seriously. They are working closely with all of the police teams across Suffolk and Cambridge and Essex.

Whilst it has mainly been kennels that have been targeted, there have been incidents of dogs being taken from regular homes with easy access to their gardens. So far, the chalk markings are still a mystery, and they are trying hard to gather evidence of people doing this in action. Chalk markings etc are notorious methods for thieves and they are not to be ignored. Wipe them away immediately and report it. They are on the look out for 3, possibly 4, vehicles: A new style white Transit Connect, Reg ending in XFG A Subaru Forester, black or very dark colour, Reg ending in EFM A smaller white van, Reg ending in YGW Another larger white van, unknown registration. These vehicles may well have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if you see a suspicious vehicle, just make a quick note of the registration number. These vehicles have all been mentioned in similar reports, but I'd like to reiterate, they may well be completely innocent delivery drivers etc. Police would also like you to make note of any 'rogue traders', such as knocking on the door and asking as to whether your driveway needs doing etc. Have they got a vehicle with them? How many people are in the vehicle?

If you have any signs on your property such as 'beware of the dog', consider taking it down. And finally, please PLEASE report any information you may have. It only takes 2 minutes to fill in the report form on the Suffolk website (link below). What you might think of as a very insignificant piece of information, may just well be the piece of the puzzle that the police have been looking for. Suspicious vehicle? Chalk markings? Rogue traders? Report it. They complemented Ixworth as a community for how active we have been at relaying information with each other and looking out for one another. Let's keep it that way. Pease share this with any other group you feel necessary.

Please click on the links below for advice from the Police on security:




PHONE 01449 614271

Dial-A-Ride is a local door to door transport service, using easy access minibuses. Each minibus has low steps, handrails and a lift for wheelchair access.

There are now services across most of Suffolk, run by voluntary organisations and funded by the County Council.

Dial-A-Ride is available to anyone who cannot access conventional bus services because of where they live or mobility difficulties.


Dial-A-Ride services enable passengers to travel locally, for example to visit friends and relatives, go to the rail station or take a trip to the shops. Regular journeys such as those to hospital appointments and day centres are not normally undertaken. Journeys require advance booking and are allocated on a first call, first served basis. The fare is similar to ordinary bus services.

Passenger Transport Endeavour House 8 Russell Road Ipswich Suffolk, IP1 2BX

General enquiries 0845 606 6171


Visit our website: www.suffolkonboard.com

Suffolk Community Transport: www.suffolkcommunitytransport.org.uk




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