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We’ve been contacted by the Police team at Bury with regards to the current chalk markings etc, and have been asked to relay the following information. The police are taking this very seriously. They are working closely with all of the police teams across Suffolk and Cambridge and Essex.

Whilst it has mainly been kennels that have been targeted, there have been incidents of dogs being taken from regular homes with easy access to their gardens. So far, the chalk markings are still a mystery, and they are trying hard to gather evidence of people doing this in action. Chalk markings etc are notorious methods for thieves and they are not to be ignored. Wipe them away immediately and report it. They are on the look out for 3, possibly 4, vehicles: A new style white Transit Connect, Reg ending in XFG A Subaru Forester, black or very dark colour, Reg ending in EFM A smaller white van, Reg ending in YGW Another larger white van, unknown registration. These vehicles may well have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if you see a suspicious vehicle, just make a quick note of the registration number. These vehicles have all been mentioned in similar reports, but I'd like to reiterate, they may well be completely innocent delivery drivers etc. Police would also like you to make note of any 'rogue traders', such as knocking on the door and asking as to whether your driveway needs doing etc. Have they got a vehicle with them? How many people are in the vehicle?

If you have any signs on your property such as 'beware of the dog', consider taking it down. And finally, please PLEASE report any information you may have. It only takes 2 minutes to fill in the report form on the Suffolk website (link below). What you might think of as a very insignificant piece of information, may just well be the piece of the puzzle that the police have been looking for. Suspicious vehicle? Chalk markings? Rogue traders? Report it. They complemented Ixworth as a community for how active we have been at relaying information with each other and looking out for one another. Let's keep it that way. Pease share this with any other group you feel necessary.

Update from District Council - Garden Waste collections As you'll know, we had to pause our garden waste collections in March, in order to protect and prioritise essential general rubbish, clinical waste and recycling collections, with all information readily available on our website<https://www.babergh.gov.uk/waste-services>. Today, we announced we will re-start these collections following the normal schedule from Monday 11 May for those in 'area 2' and Monday 18 May for those in 'area 1'. Please do share the press release<https://www.babergh.gov.uk/news/we-know-youve-bin-waiting/>, as well as retweet and share posts we put up on our Twitter and Facebook accounts on your own channels. You can find below the important information you need to support our residents: * Residents should double check their collection day and or area on our website first<http://www.midsuffolk.gov.uk/waste-services/collection-days/>, and make sure their bin is out on the right day at 6:30am * We have also included an excel (attached) for you, to help support with residents' queries, however, we ask that you don't forward this on to residents. * Only the bin(s) should be put out for collection - residents should not overfill them and must be able to close the lid. * Any additional waste should be emptied into their bin(s) over several collections, or temporarily stored as we will only be collecting the bins. * We continue to encourage residents to keep composting, as well as reduce their waste to ease pressure on services. Composting offers can be found on the Suffolk Recycling website<http://www.suffolkrecycling.org.uk/reduce-your-waste/home-composting>. * No residents will be out of pocket from the stoppage - no new invoices have been issued since the collections were forced to stop and subscriptions will be amended to reflect the missed collections with more details on our website<https://www.babergh.gov.uk/waste-services/covid-19-collection-changes/>. * To prioritise collections of missed garden waste bins, we are currently not accepting new subscriptions until further notice. * Residents should check for any unplanned delays on the councils website<https://www.babergh.gov.uk/waste-services/my-waste-hasnt-been-collected/> first, before reporting a missed bin or calling customer services, to help reduce pressure on services at this time. Please do encourage residents to share information (safely of course) with neighbours and friends. We've also attached a letter template which you can share to help spread the word about changes wherever you can. Should you have further queries, please refer to the <https://www.babergh.gov.uk/news/we-know-youve-bin-waiting/> full story on our website<https://www.babergh.gov.uk/news/we-know-youve-bin-waiting/>. Thank you in advance for your continued support for all our crews, services and residents. Kind regards, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils' waste team
Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk will be providing advice via a phone and email service until further notice. We have taken this decision to comply with government guidance about reducing social contacts to delay the spread of the novel coronavirus. Our staff and volunteers have extensive experience of providing advice over the phone and via email. Normally 43% of our client contacts are by telephone and 18% are by email. We are encouraging members of the public to call us or to contact us via our website if they need advice. We will continue to provide advice for as long as possible. We do not want people to delay seeking advice for their problems because they are not aware they can get advice from us. Our dedicated volunteers and staff are continuing to provide an excellent service in these difficult circumstances. Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk's contact details are: Telephone 01449 676060 or 01449 676280 There is a contact form on our website www.midsuffolkcab.org.uk/contact-us<http://www.midsuffolkcab.org.uk/contact-us> Email advice@midsuffolkcab.org.uk<mailto:advice@midsuffolkcab.org.uk> Please would you share this information in your networks? You can also share our Facebook post<https://www.facebook.com/citizensadvicemidsuffolk/posts/3582780768415123?__xts__%5b0%5d=68.ARB-1REA5DMuRATBLcLohNIDqZDvkHwa99-o6k0VnMDqN2TBN1Og6MkflMW6PVKilpJOstG8pLJsFD4jzsXhflY8futnhyH1XTQDtbnchyYhbTXBLhx1a5rbxK0HojSeIP3wWg51vrVbRumLKEAze56EtwlOUjKr4JJ8SeUxsq_EOpYZkSjdZCxCphwIyF2PBVl-d2KxwH1PTvcTNlVXsSaKKA6bUyJmZn6Bi0P3bGk-g2jQ4GR_ARCuNzT7wbizWGzQMUXlt5Q4GaWLQ4QYhFFqH0WkRRyu7H-4xoS2ahyNMvT664qkVJupp2vH9_QnhbZ-9nA9DmQVhB6XuclZB3ZOPN4xLStobwQx&__tn__=-R>, share our Twitter post<https://twitter.com/midsuffolkcab/status/1239928165952294913?s=20> and share the news page on our website<https://www.midsuffolkcab.org.uk/2020/03/17/call-or-use-this-form/>. Citizens Advice have been there for people in their time of need since we were established on the second day of World War Two. We will continue to do our utmost to ensure that anyone who needs help to find a way forward receives that help.



Please click on the links below for advice from the Police on security:




**************************************************************                                   DIAL-A-RIDE

                                                      PHONE 01449 614271

Dial-A-Ride is a local door to door transport service, using easy access minibuses. Each minibus has low steps, handrails and a lift for wheelchair access.

There are now services across most of Suffolk, run by voluntary organisations and funded by the County Council.

Dial-A-Ride is available to anyone who cannot access conventional bus services because of where they live or mobility difficulties.


Dial-A-Ride services enable passengers to travel locally, for example to visit friends and relatives, go to the rail station or take a trip to the shops. Regular journeys such as those to hospital appointments and day centres are not normally undertaken. Journeys require advance booking and are allocated on a first call, first served basis. The fare is similar to ordinary bus services.

Passenger Transport Endeavour House

8 Russell Road Ipswich Suffolk, IP1 2BX

General enquiries 0845 606 6171


Visit our website: www.suffolkonboard.com

Suffolk Community Transport: www.suffolkcommunitytransport.org.uk





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